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About us

The Baka branch, a branch of the Bnei Akiva movement, is located on Yehuda Street 37, Baka, Jerusalem. Baka is a big branch that feels like a family and has just over 400 campers, the morale is great and full of joy and togetherness.
The counselor staff is very loving and nice, and we have the best campers in the world. In addition to the counselors, there are also two different teams. One is Yonatan staff, named after our branch graduate who was killed. This staff organizes a lot of volunteering and helps the community and the neighborhood in many ways. The second is the Logistics staff who organizes and works behind the scenes. They take care of everything regarding logistics in the branch. In addition, our branch sends different staff members to be counselors at smaller Bnei Akiva branches so that they can contribute of themselves and strengthen that branch.
In our branch, we have a program that meets every Friday night, for the older participants. This group consists of all participants over the age of 9th grade, after reciving their new name.
In conclusion, our branch is a happy place for older and younger kids, or like it says in our theme song

"We aren't talking about a big and raving branch, we are talking about a family for whoever doesn't know, so open your eyes and join us in our song"

"לא מדובר בעוד סניף גדול ומתלהם, מדובר במשפחה למי שלא מכיר, אז תפתחו את האוזניים ותצטרפו עכשיו לשיר.."

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